Titanfall in Real Life

The hit game Titanfall developed by Respawn Entertainment features pilots who can run parkour style around large maps or jump in towering mechs armed with chainguns and rockets stresses the question: will we ever get to do this in real life and when?

Mech styled combat isn’t that new. Mech Warrior series, Hawken, and Front Mission series all let you control a lumbering steel machine with immense firepower. So whats new about Titanfall and why should we be rethinking the viability of blockbuster first person shooters?

One thing Titanfall is critically acclaimed for doing is allowing you to play as an agile pilot running in places where the bigger Titans can’t go and use anti-titan weapons to defend yourself from bigger steel brethren. In a potential real life combat situation a pilot ejecting out of his doomed mech would make a lot of sense.

While it would obviously be awesome to be able to have Titanfall IRL: is it feasible?

Will Titanfall be real in 100 years?

Man, I hope.

– Joshua Topolosky Senior Editor at The Verge

Well the first stepping stones to awesome soldiers has been laid. According to the military’s awesome DARPA project the military will be making a future supersoldier with a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) that will protect soldiers from enemy bullets, fire, and check vital systems. First prototypes should be available this June according to Yahoo Finance.

The next step to building a military system based on Titanfall would logically be creating a viable bipedal mech. Currently no one has built a fully functioning bipedal mech, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Currently the Kurata is a large robot which weighs about 5 tons is developed by Suidobashi Heavy Industry looks like a mech…. until you see it rolls around town.

The actual tech to build a mech isn’t the only concern. Another would be building the darn thing. According to WIRED a real life Gundam 60 feet tall would cost $725 million. Compare that to a F-35 (currently the only mass produced next generation war tool) that costs an estimated $151 million.

So good readers now that you have seem some of the hindrances in building a real working mech that can run on two legs while firing missiles into its enemy, please tell me all of your thoughts. They are much appreciated.


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  • Alex

    Should we not rather ask the question “Will there be peace in 100 years?”. Instead of hoping that super expensive war mechs are introduced to add some more to humankind`s stupidity bill? As a side effect, Joshua`s answer sounds way more appropriate to that question. I also advise to use all the money that is now spent for F-35s, to educate people all around the globe – more education -> less war, I am a deep believer in this. Cheers,

    • That is indeed an excellent question and I can totally understand where you are coming from. Personally I believe we can use mechs in order to bring peace because Theodore D. Roosevelt once said, “Talk softly and carry a big stick.” Mechs would be very helpful in doing heavily lifting of objects and are a lot more versatile in tackling terrain that a Humvee or Jeep couldn’t (i.e urban setting post disaster).
      Thanks for coming to read my article and for thoughtful input.